Wednesday 16 September 2015

Friends today is 04 Dec, Navy Day....The Day our Fine Indian navy inflicted heavy casualities on Pakistan that started the 1971 war on the previous day....It was the Day, 3 Vidyut class Missile boats escorted by 2 Arnala class Corvettes dared to enter Pak territory to fire Styx SSMs (first time in the Region) to create havok for the Enemy on the midnight of 04/ 05 Dec....It was the Day when Sareshth Kumar Sir was scanning the hotels and streets of Bombay for security counter measures....the Day Mohan Ram Sir was working on a better Missile Ship for our fine Navy, trying out Gausian formulae....

INS Nirghat sunk the cruise destroyer PNS Khaibar, loitering NW of Karachi with 222 sailors on board by firing 2 styx missiles.
INS Nipat fired its missiles on MV Venus Challenger and its escort PNS Shah Jahan (former HMS Charity), a C-class destroyer. Venus Challenger carrying ammunition for the Pakistani forces, immediately exploded as the missile hit, and eventually sunk 40 km south of Karachi.The other missile targeted for Shah Jahan damaged the ship very badly. INS Nipat continued towards Karachi, and targeted the Kemari oil storage tanks, placing itself 14 nmi (26 km; 16 mi) south of the Karachi harbour. Of the two missiles fired, one misfired, and the other hit the oil tanks. The tanks got burnt and destroyed completely, causing heavy loss to the Pakistan Navy.
INS Veer targeted PNS Muhafiz, an Adjutant-class minesweeper sinking it with 33 sailors on board.
After the mahem, the flotilla returned victorious ....A number of Indian Navy personnel were honoured with gallantry awards for the operation. Then Fleet Operations Officer Captain (later Vice Admiral) Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani, was awarded the Nau Sena Medal for the detailed operational planning..... Maha Vir Chakra was awarded to Commander Babru Bhan Yadav, for planning and leading the task force, and Vir Chakras to Lieutenant Commander Bahadur Nariman Kavina, Commanding Officer of INS Nipat, Lieutenant Commander Inderjit Sharma, Commanding Officer of INS Nirghat, Lieutenant Commander Om Prakash Mehta, NM, Commanding Officer of INS Veer and Master Chief M. N. Sangal of INS Nirghat.

We all are so proud of our veteran brothers who were serving on the ships and made this possible....Its my pleasure to share with you all an interview with Redfm on this Day...On the morning of 04 Dec 2014, when I was on Marine drive, I got a call from Redfm, Mumbai for an interview. I pulled my car to the side and spoke to RJ Malishka on the relevance of Navy Day of our fine Navy.... Here's how it went...Regards...