Sunday, 23 August 2015



            My Dad left for his heavenly abode at the midnight hour of the Golden jubilee of our independence day,(1997) when I was posted in the Naval Unit NCC Baroda....My brother rang me up just past midnight from our Jamnagar Home...
        An hour later I with Meena and two small kids were on road in our Maruti Van...Non stop we drove...till then I was in a tearless terrible the morning we stopped at a tea-stall...while I just had my first sip, this song with a lot of meaning , welled up my emotions and lifted the shutters of my tear dams...Altaf Raja had just appeared on the musical scene with his record...
         Two years ago I personally met him at a concert organized by the Army in AOI, Mumbai and conveyed the episode and my felicitations....He is a down to earth person without airs about his fame…. It was a pleasure to meet him.

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