Thursday 9 January 2020

True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. - Arthur Ashe

      The First event in the rundown to the Veterans Day was the Cricket contest between the young Veterans Team and the younger C-in-C XI team that the Veteran’s bagged after an emphatic 7 wkts win at the NOFRA grounds on Sat, 04 Jan 2020. The next event was the J-24 Sailing contest between the two teams that was held on Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020 at the Indian Naval Watermanship Training Complex (INWTC). The list of 40 Veteran spectators, who had volunteered to cheer up their team was forwarded to the Director INWTC, Cmde Gagan Kaushik a day prior. The 4-member Veterans sailing team had a couple of practice runs on J-24 at the Gateway of India, prior to the finale scheduled at 2pm on the 08th Jan.

The Teams :

C-in-C Four
1. Capt Atul Sinha (Captain)
2. Capt Vipul Mahrishi (Vice-Captain)
3. Cdr Bakshi
4. Cdr Aman Vyas

Veterans Four
1.  LtCdr Farokh Tarapore (Captain)
2. Capt Homi Motiwala (Vice-Captain)
3. Cdr Kamal Singh
4. Cdr Ranjit Singh
5. LtCdr Rajeshwari Kori (Reserve)

Match Umpire: Capt Patankar

         All sailors listed above have had immense experience in Sailing nationally and internationally. While Farokh and Homi are reputed international sailors with Arjun Awards to boost, Atul Sinha has been an Ocean Sailor with international records to his credit. He was instrumental in training the all women Tarini crew who circumnavigated the Earth early last year. Capt Patankar has been India’s first International Sailing Umpire, with whom I had interacted during the All India NCC Sailing Regatta in Chilka in 2011-13, where I had been detailed as an Official from DGNCC. 

WTC – 08 Jan 2020

   The Veteran spectators started gathering at the First-floor Veranda of the Sailing Club at WTC. We were greeted by the C-in-C’s team. Meena was glad to meet one of the members, Cdr Bakshi who shared her maiden Surname. Soon there was great bonhomie generated as more Veterans gathered. The senior-most Veteran to grace the event was Capt Raj Mohindra with his sweet Lady. The Naval Band in colourful attire was crooning in the corner, as chilled Beer was being served. The WTC had erected huge banners depicting the event, against which we all got ourself snapped. The sing-song session was initiated by Cdr Vijay Vadhera, and taking a cue some couples took to the floor. The Biryani Lunch to follow was delectable and aromatic supplemented with sweet Gulab-Jamun and Vanilla Ice-cream. When Cdr Vadhera asked for Volunteers for witnessing the Race out at Sea, everyone was excited. The Director INWTC Cmde Gagan Kaushik had arranged for 3-speed boats for spectators. All present were provided with Life Jacket for safety.

      The triangular racecourse was laid with 3 huge orange floating Buoys a nautical mile apart. Best of five races were run, of which the Veterans comfortably won the first race. The C-in-C Team won their 3 races back to back, to seal their overall win with a race to spare. Nevertheless, the Veterans did give their opponents a run for their money. The spectators excitedly watched the races from a distance, yelling for their team players speculating the Race results. (Pics and Videos Below) 

        At the presentation Ceremony Capt Vipul Mahrishi, Master of the ceremony, requested Cmde Sandeep Chakravarty, Command Education Officer to give away individual prizes to all participants, prior to the Award of the Veterans Day Sailing Rolling Trophy to the C-in-C Sailing Team. Captain Atul Sinha and his Team had executed the Races professionally to even out the Cricket deficit. Capt Mahrishi then requested Cdr Vijay Vadhera at the Dias for a few words (Youtube link of the speech below)

     Cdr Vadhera briefed all present on the Veterans day activities including Our Nation’s First-ever Veterans day Parade scheduled at the Marine Drive on the morning of Sunday 12th Jan 2020, which shall be emulated by rest of the Veterans Foundations of the three services in future times pan India.

Looking forward the Grand Event of the Twelfth.
Shano Varuna   ...  Jai Hind!


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