Thursday 2 April 2020


The Smallest Act of kindness is worth more than the Grandest intention -   Oscar Wilde

No one has ever become poor by giving – Anne Frank

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the Soul of the Giver – Maya Angelou  

        The world today is undergoing unprecedented crisis even as the COVID-19 has spread its tentacles and not spared any country of the world after leaking from Wuhan at the fag end of 2019. India’s curve has been flatter than most countries, due to early steps of lockdown by the Govt. Yet the numbers are rising due to some known factors and the Govt machinery, Police, Paramilitary, Armed Forces and the Medical fraternity is toiling with firm resolute 24x7. Due to the extended lockdown, the World economy has started witnessing an economic downturn. Times are going to be tough for our Nation too. A number of philanthropists and organisations have come forward to pitch in financially and in kind.  

        A video conference meeting of the Committee members of Navy Foundation Mumbai Chapter is being held under the Chairmanship of Cdr Vijay Vadhera, President NFMC during the afternoon for the past 6 days. The following were linked up online on respective smartphones. 

a) Cdr Vijay Vadhera   --  President NFMC 
b) Cdr Rajinder Dutta  --  Hon Secy NFMC 
c) LtCdr Farokh Tarapore – Hon Treasurer NFMC 
d) Capt Rakesh Agrawala -- Committee Member
e) Cdr Shailendra Sharma – Committee Member 
e) Cdr SK Patnaik – Committee Member 
f) Cdr Kannan Ramdas – Committee Member 
g) Capt (D) Mrs Kanta Mukherjee – Committee Member 
h) Mrs Janki Bhandoola – Committee Member
j) Cdr GC Rai – Committee Member
k) Cdr PS Rawat – Committee Member
l) Cdr Rakesh Jaggi -- Committee Member 
m) Cdr Abhishek Kankan -- Committee Member

          The Chairman discussed the present scenario of Lockdown in our nation due to COVID-19. Govt/ECHS letters are being promulgated regularly to Naval Veterans via the medium of Whatsapp broadcast by NFMC. He stressed on spreading positive news to all concerned in these difficult times when there is so much of fear-mongering being conveyed on social media. He expressed his view of donation to National Relief fund on behalf of NFMC. For which we could request for voluntary contribution from Veterans. The brainstorming amongst the Committee members filtered down to a presentation to the CM Maharashtra’s Relief Fund instead of the National level. For which we could request for volunteer contribution from Veterans. The majority of Committee members were of the opinion to make the contribution to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund as we belong to the Mumbai Chapter.
    It was decided to invite for contributions in the NFMC Fund. LtCdr Farokh Tarapore would keep track and promulgate the list of contributors on a daily basis. Later a meeting would be fixed up with State Govt Officials and President NFMC would present a cheque to the CM on suitable date and time towards end Apr 2020. The event is envisaged wide publicity on visual and print media. 

Giving is not just making a donation, it's about making a difference – Kathy Calvin

    It's not doing great things on the Earth, but small things with Great Love – Mother Teresa 

Shano Varuna  Jai Hind.


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