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     Mother India seldom fails to amaze us. Even as the World is fighting the Pandemic, the world's largest democracy sends its Vaccines to scores of countries, while herself gears up to inoculate crores of her own children, starting with the health care workers on 16 Jan. The second phase of the elderly is underway since 01 Mar. And what exceptional arrangements as the Health care workers team up with IT professionals and local police to pull off a miracle in the most amazing fashion in thousands of hospitals and CVCs rigged across the Country. I personally was overwhelmed to take my Jab on 9 Mar in NESCO, Goregaon amidst thousands of awed and amazed seniors. I overheard an elderly Gujarati couple whispering, "Baddha arrangement Saaru chhe". Mother India is blessed.

Exactly a year ago who would’ve thought India would lead the way through these exceptional and difficult times?!

        Process this bit of information and understand what we are witnessing today in our country. What India has offered to the world. Put down your prejudices for a moment and truly understand her potential. Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech are the chief manufacturers. Since early January, nearly 160 million doses of Covishield (the local version of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine) produced by the SII have been either exported or used domestically. More manufacturers are coming forward in this initiative.


·        SIICovishield, Novavax

·        Bharat BiotechCovaxin, CoraVax

·        Biological EJohnson & Johnson

·        Zydus CadilaZyCoV-D

·        Hetero BiopharmaSputnik V

·        Dr Reddy's LabSputnik V

         You could register for a vaccine on government of India portal AROGYA SETU or COWIN, for yourself and for 3 other members of your family, in less than 5 minutes from the comfort of your home.    And get to your neighborhood hospital of your choice? Although after due registration, it may not have allotted you a Covid vaccination center of your choice, but the CVC’s set up all round India and your city in Particular have welcomed and vaccinated Senior citizens even without registrations on the Arogya Setu or the Covaxin Portals.   

You could opt for a free vaccine or choose to pay the sum of Rs.250 for a single shot?

Be done with it in an hour and return home with your vaccination certificate in your Mob vaccination portal that messages you a link to your downloadable certificate even before you leave the hospital ?!

The hospitals, both government and private are open 24 hours for you and their standard of service is what you may not even get in the finest hospitals of the world! IM NOT KIDDING YOU! It will leave you speechless. 4-6 weeks later you could walk into any hospital with your first certificate and get your second shot. This period was raised to 6-8 weeks for better efficacy of the Vaccine.

    A decision was taken by the DGAFMS to arrange for Vaccination of Veterans, Veer Naris and dependents at Military Hospitals across India and INHS Asvini started the same at the premises of ECHS Asvini starting 23 Mar under the supervision Of Cdr R Jayachandran (Retd), OIC ECHS Asvini. President NFMC via a WhatsApp post disseminated the procedure for registration and Vaccination at ECHS Asvini. Till date 19 Apr, 1204 Veterans, Spouses and Veer Naris have taken their first jab from Asvini. 

     And to think this simple facility but of a mind boggling scale is available to perhaps half the population of India today ranging over 45 years of age presently and would be made available to all age groups above 18yrs from 01 May. Till 19 Apr the GOI has supplied 144 million doses of Vaccines to states of which 127 m  have been consumed. The manufacturers are ramping up their capacities, which is a good sign. 


It was heartening to see favourable comments of some Veterans after their first Jab….

Cdr Pankaj Bhardwaj, Powai

My India never fails to surprise me. Just taken a jab at Walk in facility in Mumbai created by BMC. About 4000 plus inoculations per day per booth, and there are about 30 booths. What a massive drive, all for free! Plus they give you bottled water, tea and coffee, air conditioned very well regulated clean facility with sanitized clean seated arrangements for the queue! Makes one dumbstuck at the massive proportion of it all. I almost gave up when I saw 500 odd people ahead of me. But it cleared in less than an hour. All under close monitoring by centre. They have been asked to meet the target, vaccine supplies for free by centre....God Bless... Birdy


Cdr GB Singh, Mira Road

I got the above message on 03 Mar, from our Corporator. I got mob no of Dr Arun Pujari from my Society member.We went to Pramod Mahajan Hall in Bhayandar East on 05 Mar without registration on line and contaced the Doctor. The security guard at the gate took us straight to the Doctor without waiting in the crowd. He asked about my Navy Service. I briefly told him about 1971war/attack on Karachi and my services in IPKF/ Sri Lanka in 1987. He registered us on his mobile and gave us Vaccination. With in one hour we were back home. He is very helpful to Veterans. Today again I requested him and send 3 more Veterans from our Srisht Sector 3, Mira Road.


Cdr VS Shukla, Thakur Complex

Self and my better half took the jab on Saturday the 6th We were registered for NESCO but being Saturday it was crowded so we went to Balaji Hospital Malad East a paid facility Whole process was finished in about 45 minutes and there was no problem

I had no after effects at all but my wife had slight fever and severe headache All recovered and back to normal She took two Paracitamols.


Cdr & Mrs Madanlal

Self,wife,son#&his wife have taken first jab on 9Mar at a local facility .PaidRs 250 each, Have received PROV. CERTIFICATE

250 is a small Amt ,,,,Madan


    Amidst the Vaccination drive the nation was engulfed in rapid increase of Covid-19 cases, due to the eruption of the Second Wave the signs of which became visible in from mid Mar itself.(watch the curve video at the bottom) Maharashtra is the major victim. Despite Lockdown and night curfew imposed in Mah from 15 Apr for two weeks, it has reported a spike of 68,000 cases on 18 Apr. People have been urged and appealed to stay indoors.



   The medical officers and staff of Asvini are doing a yeoman’s service in care for the Covid patients in Asvini including Veterans. Cmde Anand Singh, Cmde SK Bhalla, Cmde HK Sharma, Cmde R Thiagrajan, Cdr Ajay Kumar, Cdr GKK Nair and others have hugely complimented the dedication of the staff. The msgs of Cdr Ajay Kumar (Retd) and Cdr GKK Nair  to President NFMC are inspiring.


Dear sir.

As you are aware I just returned home from Ashwini after having recovered from covid infection.

2.  I wish to convey my great appreciation and gratitude to the the medical staff of INHS Ashwini whom I found to be highly professional and walking the extra mile in care of the patients.

3.  The staff was working in extremely  uncomfortable environment as they had to put on full PPE KITS.

4. To make the matters worse , there were many  older patients who would refuse to corporate in accepting proper medical treatment.

 5. It was therefore really a very  emotional and touching experience to see nurses taking special interest in such patients and it appeared as if they had a special Bond with these patience.

6. I also learnt that CO Ashwini was monitoring the complete situation herself and needless to say a that such high level of COMMITMENT and motivation in the medical staff could not have been without the personal example being set by the commanding officer herself.

7. The food provided was of very good quality with different types of menus being served everyday.



Cdr Ajay Kumar and Ms ARCHNA Sharma

Setrac Group


Dear Cdr Vadhera Sir,


Good Day


Thanks for all the follow up u have been doing and showing concern and keeping my wife updated on my condition on daily basis.

I fully and doubly endorse what Cdr. Ajay kumar had earlier written after his discharge fm Covid Ward.

Only words limit the description of the relentless commitment by the medical and non medical fraternity.

Its not easy for any of the foot soldiers or conservancy staff or doctors.

They are at their best. Performing under leadership of the CO and senior management like never seen hither to.

It’s really a Veterans care hospital. I feel so proud of getting treated in my Asvini. That’s the difference these wonderful officers and men of Asvini have demonstrated. I bow to them.

Love the variety in food too amidst my illness. That takes the cake.

Thanks 😊 to the CO and staff.

God bless us all out of this pandemic and let us all pray that God restores the normal peaceful life to all of us.

This karma will rerurn its blessings in abundance.

Jai hind. Blessed to have u heading NFMC.


Cdr. GKK Nair (Retd)

Still recouping in the Covid Ward of Asvini


        NFMC had appropriately organized an online talk by renowned Pulmonologist who is also our foundation’s esteemed member Surg Capt PS Tampi (Retd) on Corona Vaccination “Myth Vs Reality” on Mon 12 Apr, that was attended by a large number of Veterans from other chapters too.  

      NFMC on its part is updating the Veterans on all important instructions from GOI, Govt of Mah, CO ECHS etc…organizing important online monthly lectures on Zoom/ MS Team. Presently looking forward to NFMC AGM at 1100 hrs on 25 Apr 2021 on MS Team, where attendance is expected to break the 200 mark.


Stay Home to Stay Safe

Sam No Varunah

Jai Hind


Link to the NFMC 2020 Reflections 

Cdr & Mrs Madanlal

Cdr & Mrs VS Shukla

Cdr Baxi

Mrs Baxi

Cdr GB Singh

Mrs GB Singh

Cdr Guddu Sharma Beach Candy

Cdr Raj Dutta, NESCO

Cdr Vadhera, Tata Kharghar

Cdr Manjul Mayank, Seven Hills


Sandeep Sharma NESCO

Mrs Lalitha Ganeshan, Seven Hills





  1. Your blog on Covid is truly inspiring. Vaccination of over 100 crore people is no mean task. Thanks a million Raj... Cdr Pratap Mehta

    1. Grateful for your inspiration Sir. Respects and Regards.