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Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the Big things – Robert Brault

It’s said that if you carry your childhood with you, you never get old. The people of Juhu Area 161 had a great opportunity to revisit their younger days on Sunday Funday celebrated as Sunday street, when the young and not so young came out on the street to celebrate childhood. The event was the brainchild of Commissioner of Police Mr Sanjay Pande, colourfully executed by the residents of Juhu, spearheaded by our NFMC Committee Member from Western Suburbs (S) Veer Nari Dr Kanta Mukherjee. It was wonderful to meet Mr Kunal and his talented Son Siddharth Bharti, the child prodigy along with her. Siddharth has just returned from a Chess Tournament from Kolhapur.  It was an added delight to meet the cheerful Cdr PS Mehta on his morning walk at the Sunday street, even as he is recuperating from his CABG by-pass surgery that he successfully braved a month ago. 

The residents of Juhu Versova Link road 161 in association with the Mumbai police initiated Sunday Streets starting  10th April 2022 from 7 am to 10 am in the by lanes from Vrindavan Gurukul till Rajiv Gandhi college and the neighbouring area. They intend to continue the gala morning every Sunday. The underlying theme of this event is  #Savethemangroves161.

 Sunday Streets is an initiative implemented by Mumbai Police as per the concept given by the Commissioner of Police, Sanjay Pandey. This is aimed at enabling the people of Mumbai to live in a stress-free environment as well as to use the streets for recreational activities such as yoga, jogging, skating, cycling and cultural activities. This has been implemented successfully across various locations in Mumbai including Marine Drive, Bandra-Carter Road, Goregaon, among others.

 It is a sunday funday with a lot of activities planned for children as well as adults like yoga, zumba, badminton, football, hopscotch, Lagori, hula hoop etc. There are also some informative sessions conducted about the importance of conserving and protecting the environment, especially the mangroves.


Residents of Survey 161, Juhu Versova Link road love the mangroves and work relentlessly towards protecting and conserving the same. This is because they have understood the importance and usefulness of mangroves for basic survival of mankind, an initiative of Dr Kanta Mukherjee.

In an era of climate change and rising sea levels, area 161 has been safe from floods due to these mangroves protecting our coast line. It is truly saddening that the Versova mangroves have been under constant attack by "Land Sharks". In 2001 there was a massive destruction of mangroves after which the activists moved the high court and after a long battle,  in 2009, Area 161 was declared as forest land, and the mangroves were restored. Now once again our mangroves are under threat but the activists are alert and in constant touch with the authorities. LONG LIVE AREA 161 MANGROVES.  Dr Kanta Mukherjee was nominated by NFMC for her efforts for the Award of Nari Shakti Puraskar by PM this year and was felicitated by President NFMC in the recently conducted Veer Naris get-together in IMSC, Colaba.


Also one of the activities planned is a photography contest where the participants asked to click pictures and shoot videos of the event, mangroves, birds, nature etc and share on our instagram page @jvsr161. The pictures with the highest likes will be chosen for the United Citizen of Versova calendar.

 The overall idea is to encourage people to get out of their homes to relax and engage in fun, sports and wellness activities, spend some quality time with their loved ones as well as bond with the community at large.

Kudos to the Juhu residents under the dynamic Leadership of their noble Lady Dr Kanta Mukherjee. Having rejoiced the event and revisiting our childhood Dr Kanta took us to her Anchorage home for a refreshing delectable breakfast of Aaloo Parantha and Dahi Wada. Her beautiful daughter Sonali and Kunal Bharti had additionally ordered Samosas, Kachori & Jalebi from Brijvasi. It was wonderful to interact with Siddharth on his recent tournament and discuss Chess tactics.

When we thanked the Mukherjee's and bid them good bye, there was a visible glint in every eye.  As I wheeled out of Anchorage we marveled  at the wonderful forenoon that all of us relished after a long time.      

Sham No Varuna

Jai Hind 



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(Courtesy Cdr PS Mehta πŸ‘†)

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