Wednesday, 12 September 2018


           On Day#3, the Veterans met Capt Magnus, a Swedish Marine Master who was a fine Gentlemen and not only allowed the Veterans to visit the spacious Bridge and the Foxle Helo Deck, but himself explained about the Ship’s history and performance data. A few Veterans also visited Penang and had 8 km steep ride on a train to experience the daring Skywalk. 
             Tuesday the AUG 28 (Day#4), turned out to be the most exciting and rewarding day literally for the Veterans onboard the Dream Genting cruise, fetching them name and fame galore. Cdr Vadhera and a few Veterans dived into the Quarterdeck Pool and enjoyed the warm and cosy Jacuzzi. After the sumptuous breakfast at the quarterdeck LIDO, the Veterans assembled at the No-6 Feck for a briefing followed by a Game show of skill. Two Taiwanese girls and Meena Dutta dared to participate in the 60 Sec Challenge. Mrs Nina Sethi played the exciting BINGO and won the full House but had to share the Booty with another Lucky gentleman.
        The ship came along-side Langkawi at 1400 hrs and all Veterans were treated for a complimentary excursion on a Luxury Bus by our tour operators Shirley and Neves. The Veterans were in awe looking at and getting snapped against the backdrop of the Huge ‘Langkawi’ the Brownstone Eagle. Our Guide explained the importance of the Island which was inhabited by mere 30,000 hardworking and sincere Malaysians, who had developed the Island into one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, being visited by 2.5 million tourists annually. We all were so excited to glance at a Malaysian Navy’s base and an adjoining ‘Submarine Restaurant’. Cdr Chermakani, the veteran submariner was all excited and nostalgia engulfed him in the footprints of his time in the Indian Navy.
    In the evening more Veterans visited the swimming Pool and the Jacuzzi.  After the Dinner at the Lido, as suggested by  Cdr Vadhera, all of us gathered at the Zouk and put the Dance floor on fire even as the Live Band played the musical numbers on demand. At 10pm we came down to the Pool area where the DJ performing the Live show invited us yet again for group dance shows. Cdr Vadhera not only lead his team of Veterans around the Pool but also won the event. He was awarded a beautiful floral Garland (Jaimala) that he instantly shared with his sweetheart Sunita, while all of us excitedly congratulated him on his belated 40th Wedding Anniv. This tri-nation tour was his Wedding Gift to Sunita that he organized for us all as part of the Golden Jubilee of WNC. The next Game show was ‘slipping under the Bar’ as the Bar was lowered progressively, making the game more difficult. Beating all participants including the flexible damsels, Surg Capt Patra emerged the Champion and was awarded the Genting Silver Medal, amidst a huge round of applause.
            What a Funtastic day for us Veterans….Drive around and visit the beautiful Langkawi Eagle followed by Jacuzzi and the Dancefloor. At to top it all, Veterans winning the Bingo and the game shows…. Tomorrow we bid farewell to Dream Genting Cruise and move onto PHUKET to continue our Tour to the Beautiful land of the Thai…. Each Day is turning out to be more exciting than the previous one…. Agey agey dekhiye hota hai kya !.... Jai Hind  !

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