Sunday, 17 March 2019

Veer Nari Janki Bhandoola, a committee member of NFMC is not only a mentor for the Veer Naris in Mumbai, But She is also a motivator and counsellor of patients at Tata Memorial Hospital too. Besides, she often visits the Naval Veterans admitted in INHS Asvini and provides feedback to Secy NFMC for promulgation to members as reqd. She is blessed with tremendous zeal, energy and enthusiasm at her age. She is truly India’s Lady with the Lamp.
We celebrated Janki Madam’s 75th (Platinum Jubilee) Birthday on 15th Mar at Bay View (US Club) organised exceptionally well by her younger son Ajay. Her elder Son Dr Avinash is employed in NIH Bethesda Maryland and blessed with Andre (17) Raoul (14). Her daughter Anmol is settled in Texas and blessed with Ryan (21) and Hunter (16). Ajay's blessed with a beautiful daughter Ananya(11 yrs). Ajay had ensured that his Mom has the Best of Time for which he arranged multimedia projection so that she could watch her children and grandchildren wishing her from overseas. It was overwhelming to see Janki Ma’am getting emotional as she watched them speaking and wishing her. Among the guests, there were Adm and Mrs VS Shekhawat (former CNS), Adm Thukral, Veer Naris, Doctors and staff of Tata Memorial Hosp, members of NFMC Committee along with their spouses and a few close friends. Meena's sister Nishi Kumar and Cmde Ramesh Kumar were in US with Cmde and Mrs Bhandoola, during former's EW specialisation in 1989-90. Cdr R Ananth, (who was instrumental in arranging the engagement of Janki Ma’am and Late Cmde Bobby Bhandoola,) was a special invitee from Pune where he and his good lady Shaku had settled post-retirement. He narrated how the love-birds met and fell for each other.
Ajay exuberantly escorted his Mom to the centre table for slicing the huge Chocolate cake. It was here that Cdr Vijay Vadhera, Secy NFMC took the Mic to say a few sweet words for Janki Ma’am and sang the Birthday Song as everyone joined in. Ajay took the first piece and offered it to his Mom. Cdr Vadhera then requested Adm VS Shekhawat to present the NFMC Memento to the Birthday Girl as we all applauded. Mrs Kanta Mukherjee took time off from Asvini where VAdm HP Mukherjee was admitted in ICU, to come and wish Mrs Janki Bhandoola. Adm Shekhawat uncorked the Champagne for this glorious occasion and everyone applauded. The Champagne was then served with merriment even as scintillating music was tuned up to attract a few couples to the Dance floor. Janki Ma’am too took to the floor. Sumptuous delicious dinner was served topped up with flavoursome Kulfi and yummy cake.
Self and Meena were almost the last to depart. As I thanked Janki Ma’am and bid her goodbye, I wished her a Century. She rightly corrected me by saying that she’ll have to become an Octogenarian first….Meena quipped, “But we shall continue to celebrate every year…Looking fwd to your 76th Birthday” She kept smiling cheerfully.
The Platinum Jubilee Birthday celebration of Janki Ma’am was Grand, is evident by the steam of thankyou wishes that she received the next day from the Veer Naris and all the Guests, who graced the occasion. Let's savour some of those…
Thanks so much, Janki Madam and Mr Ajay. It was a wonderful Platinum celebration. Thoroughly enjoyed.
---Dr Jayita, Head of the Palliative Dept, Tata Memorial Hospital
Janki ji by inviting me yesterday my memories became fresh for Commodore, who always will live in my heart and your perfection to do things was clear in the party. wishing u happy healthy life so that u continue to spread happiness and joy to others
Adv KG Singhania. He and Bobbyji fought and won the court case on helipad coming up in Cuffe Parade by Ambanis.
Dear Mrs Janki Bhandoola Ma'am, You are blessed with a charming nature and sweet smile and infuse happiness into every Veteran recouping in Asvini...Wish you very many Happy returns of your very special day, today ........Keep spreading happiness to others, even as we converge to the US Club today evening for the Grand celebration .......May all your wishes be fulfilled by the Lord Almighty....Regards.... from Raj and Meena Dutta. (A bird has just chirruped that you share your Birthday with my Oi/c NAVAC Cmde Ranjit Rai, Yoyo Honey Singh and Alia Bhatt)
Thank you Janki ma'am. We all love u.
Thank you for the wonderful experience at your platinum birthday party!
This was the first time I attended someone's 75th !! (I couldn't be there for my grandma's 75th due to some reasons; just like Ur grandchildren)
It was a great event with great people across the globe and of course great wine and dine!
Also, thank you for inspiring us young ladies by setting a strong example like u before us..
Wish you many more golden years ..keep shining and smiling!!
I know this is a bit long.. but straight from the heart...
---from Dr Rucha Pati of Tata Memorial Hospital Palliative Dept

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