Friday, 1 June 2018


“Work. Good, honest work, whether it’s working with your hands to create an artwork, or manual labour, brings forth a sense of divinity at play. The only prerequisite is that whatever the work is, it is done sincerely and in congruence with the soul’s true origin and intent, then, without any effort, one experiences a flow, wherein one feels a part of the plan of the entire universe.”  Says  Kamand Kojouri, the poetess author of ‘The Eternal Dance’ …..The above is a tribute to Meena and all people who revel in working with their own hands. 

         Meena and I divide time between our  Borivali Flat and  sprawling  Pune Bunglow in Khese Park. The former is on lease from her parents, (who are nested in Jhansi), and later is the house that jack, nay Raj built.

         The two storey bunglow has a 10KL underground water tank  for replenishing an overhead  500 Lts syntax. The underground sump demands annual cleanship  for which last year  we employed a local tank cleaner. The guy charged a ransom  for  an hour’s work with average results. Having watched him, a brainwave hit Meena  and this year she decided to do it herself with a little help from her bitter half.  So after her parents, who were here on a vacation, left  we planned the annual  ritual, as the sump was almost dry.

         We filled up the overhead tank, watered  the garden…refilled  the tank….repeated  the process…until the sump water kissed the bottom. Then Meena descended into the sump, after we eased a ladder into it. When she did step onto the sump floor along with a bucket and mug,as I held the ladder, she found the bottom to be extremely muddy, nay marshy….She kept filling up the bucket and passed on to me for watering the plants…As the sump was huge, about 20 buckets of mucky water had to be fished out. Later the floor had to be sponged with clean water. In the nick of time the job was executed, as the municipal water supply  started gushing into the tank, to fill up a foot deep in the allotted hour’s supply.  . 

        Our  Borivali  neighbours  Mr Ramesh Kadam with family  dropped by on their drive to Bangalore, to drop their Beagle with us. The pup is quite fond of Meena and even in Borivali spends more time in our house. He is fond of stroll any time of the day/night , and indicates it with his bark and as she says ‘Pattaa’, he will fetch the leash for being taken out.

      He was most of the time peeping into the sump, when meena was inside. Have a look.     

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