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                                                                15 Apr 2017

         Last afternoon I was elated to get a call from Cdr Vineet Wason. He zestfully invited me and Meena for  Baishakhi evening celebrations organisd  by the Sikh Biradri of Mumbai  at Shanmukhananda Hall in Sion…The Hall has a seating capacity of 2700 …( are you in an awe ?!, like I was when I entered the Hall… Well, ‘Shanmukhnanda Hall’ is the largest of its kind in Asia with two tier Balconies ) To set the stage on fire they had beckoned ‘Gurdas Mann’  the Punjabi Pop Star. Apart from Vineet Sir, I was delighted to meet  Cdr Vijay Wadhera, Surg Cmde Arun Mehta and Gp Capt Avtar Singh with their good ladies. Avtar  (nicknamed  Otter) and self had undergone FIS Tambaram course 30 yrs ago and he presently  flies the Govt of Maharashtra.

        The Chief Guest of the evening was Maninderjeet Singh Bitta, the chairman of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF), and former chief of the Indian Youth Congress. He is accorded Z+ security. The Guest of Honour was Ram Jethmalani..Both spoke well to inaugurate the show,  organised for the charity of Cancer patients.

       Gurdas Mann, Ladies and Gentlemen, is blessed  with tremendous amount of energy, drive and vitality and he is still very youthful at  60….He’s a natural Pop star and croons  on a wide spectrum of themes….During the entire show I was in an emotional state on a higher plane, and felt that God dwelt in Him…His entry on stage was  a dramatic peak cresendo of Light and sound….He mesmerised us with his sufi stuti in the name of Lord for the first 10 minutes…When he finished,  the jampacked auditorium was in a trace with deafening silence for a couple of seconds,  and you could have heard a pin drop…immediately after the entire auditorium reverberated with thunderous applause with continuous repeated  hails of ‘Jo bole so nihal, Sat sri akal’….Within no time the entire audience of over 2700 identified with Gurdas ahd yelled to him their favorite preferences and he obliged them with a smile…He sang various numbers including  Chhaliye, Chhalla, Sukhmani: Hope for Life, Waris Shah’s Heer, Kee Banu Duniya Daa, Dil da mamla, sarbans daniya ve etc and culminated with Jugni under roaring applause…He made full use of stage dancing bhangda rhythm steps during his power packed performance .He was very encouraging and danced squatting when two kids from audience stepped on stage.

       Gurdas Maan’s biography reflects that he  shot to fame with his hit song "Dil Da Mamla Hai." Soon after that came "Mamla Gadbad Hai" and "Chhalla", the latter being a hit film song from the Punjabi film 'Long Da Lishkara' (1986), which Maan recorded under the music direction of legendary Jagjit Singh. On other fronts, Maan has starred in blockbuster Bollywood films and has received numerous awards, including the Jury's Award, presented to him by the president of India in 2005. He also sang popular track, ‘Ki Banu Duniya Da’ on Coke Studio MTV Season 4 with singer Diljit Dosanjh. The song released on 15 August 2015 and hit more than 3 million views on YouTube in 1 week.In 2009 he won "Best International Album" at the UK Asian Music Awards for Boot Polishan
     Iam tempted to share with you ‘Dil da Mamla hai’…But one song that made my Heart seethe  was ‘sarbans daniya ve’
Lets Listen…. the Lyrics have very deep meaning….

Gurdas Maan, I believe is the Best Pop star that Punjab has been blessed with and I was blessed to see God in him last evening….. Time to get emotional on this one…..

koi ik varey, koi do varey
tun desh kaum ton 7 vaarey
satt vaar ke keney, bhana mitha lagey tera
sarbans daniya ve dena kaun deyuga tera

char putt warey, panjvi maa vari
sheyva baap vareya, satva aap vareya
 7 vaar ke kehney, bhana mitha laggey tera
 sarbans daniya ve dena kaun deoouga tera

dharam te sankat jadd pehndae,
guru di parkhi jaye fakeeri guru tegh bahadur nu,
 pandit kehn laggey kashmeeri sade janju lah lah ke,
kehnda aurangjeb akheeri
 ja deen kabool lavo, ja fir chuk layo danda dera
sarbans daniya ve dehna kaun deuga tera

 guru ji kehnde panditan nu,
dakshna mangdi guru mureedi koi hai sikh sangat chon,
hove jis ne maut khareedi kisey vadd vadere nu,
dharam layi dehni payu shaheedi
baal guru gobind bol paye,tusan ton vadda kaun vadera
sarbahns daania ve dehna kaun dehuga tera

 itihaas badalne ayi ik navi vaisakhi
aabas kath-ti vich, guru ne sanu eh gal akhi
ik sees chahida ae, meri talvar kharhi ae pyasi
panj pyare saaj laye, panjan vich keeta aap basera
sarbans daania ve dehna kaun deyuga tera

marjaneya maana ve, guru di sikhi barhi neyari
sir katt-da katt jave, sir di keyam rahe sardari
menu sikh pyara nahi, sikh ton pehla rehat pyari
duniya de takhte te, vakhra sikh disuga mera
sarbans daniya ve dena kaon dayuga

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