Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Yesterday I was 'In Uniform', today Iam 'Out of Uniform'....I celebrate my second Birthday today even as I hang my Commander's uniform for good, after having retired two yrs ago and accomplished two re-emps in NCC....All those who join service are blessed with two births in their Life...Are'nt the Armed Forces akin to our mother's womb in which we nourish and florish till our umblical chord is cut as we retire rudderless into the ruthless civil world...The Best part of the services is that we make lots of friends...On transfers,when kids were small, my elder son used to be sad with a red face and tears about to trickle down as he bade goodbye to his friends, while the younger one used to be his jovial self, nonchalant, chatting away to his friends even as we drove away to the airport...Enroute he consoled the elder, who is a little emotional and sentimental fool, "Bhiyya, Bhiyya smile kar na yar, nayi jagah jayenge, naye friends banayenge"...The elder one is now a cadet in SCI about to finish his 18 months seatime and the younger one in 3rd yr BCom, a little more dynamic, has managed marketing internship in Redfm all by himself..My wife Meena is an all rounder with 15 yrs teaching experience in NCS, KV and LSA (Kolkata).She has participated and excelled in Skiing, parasailing, Nepal trekking, swimming and basketball, to name a few. She's a dress designer too. Last year she participated in Masters National swimming championship and returned with two Silvers... Aur duniya ka sabse kamina, Kharab, Selfish, Jhootha, Kanjus, Bekar Aadmi..? Ab Yeh Bhi batana Padega Kya !!! Ask her.

A Day before was my send off, I'd concluded my speech with these lines,

Kuch Salon Baad, ye pal Bahut Yad Aayenge

Jab Hum Sab Dost retire ho ke,
apne apne Gharondon mein settle ho Jayenge
Paise To Bahut Honge, 
Par Shayad Kharch Karne Ke Liye,
Lamhe Kam Pad Jayenge

Ek Cup Chai, Yaad Doston Ki Dilayegi,

Yahi Sochte Sochte Fir Se Aankhe Nam Ho Jayengi,
Dil Khol Kar In Palon Ko Jee Lo Yaaro, 
Zindagi Apna ' ITIHAS ' Fir Nahi Dohrayegi. 

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